About Us

Ilgamos is a dynamic startup company committed to the development of a new digital economic community. Members of this global community enjoy the benefits of using our own fast growing digital money, ILCoin, and may secure their wealth through physical gold.

Ilgamos is committed to developing it own digital economic system which is built on using its own digital currency, ILCoin. Ilgamos offers exciting new opportunities not only to create but also to preserve wealth. It can be safely stored in wallets built for the cloud, Android, iOS and PC and it can be transferred directly to anyone instantly at virtually no cost – without banks, without chargebacks. The system is already capable of handling up to 5,900 transactions per second. The foundations of this new economic community have been laid. ILCoiners can monitor their transactions through our own block explorer. ILCoins are listed and freely traded on several coin exchanges. ILCoins are being accepted online by a fast growing number of merchants using e-marketplaces in more and more and more countries.

And if you prefer more conventional methods of building wealth, you may also become a gold bullioner! Ilgamos offers a range of gold savings programs – you may purchase gold at wholesale prices 24/7! Have the gold shipped to you, or stored at no cost, with a 100% repurchase guarantee!

The Company


Co-founder, member of the board

Over the past 35 years, Geza has built up an invaluable international business experience in top management positions with several international corporations.

He has successfully developed companies in various multi-billion dollar industries (oil and gas, telecommunications, renewable energies and more recently, precious metals) in Russia, Germany and the Middle East.

His passion is leadership – he guides all members of this ilgamos organisation with wisdom and foresight.

Tamas GODO

Co-founder, member of the board

Tamas brings 20 years of top corporate management experience to ilgamos. He was the co-founder and the CEO of one of the largest MLM companies in Central Europe.

He is a frequent lecturer at network marketing industry forums and has been a consultant to several network marketing companies.

His extensive network of international contacts is a major asset of ilgamos today. He is responsible for the smooth behind-the-scenes operation of ilgamos, as a business system.

Viktor Tamas HAVASY

Co-founder, member of the board

Originally an economist, finance reporter and investment advisor in Sydney, Australia, Viktor chose freedom over climbing the corporate ladder.

In 1995 started his network marketing business where he built an organisation of approx 25,000 members internationally. As a frequent presenter at industry meetings, he has travelled extensively training people in over 25 countries. He has launched and sold various businesses over the years.

As a successful team builder, he is excited to assist the company and its partners with training programs and strategies, sales promotion – and most importantly, with energy and enthusiasm.

Aleksandar Bozovic

Executive director

Aleksandar is a multitask oriented, innovative person with more than 20 years experience in MLM, both as a general manager and a board consultant for various network marketing and direct sales companies.

Mark Davis

Network Development Director

Professional coach, trainer and motivator, Mark has worked with the best in the industry studying and sharing success principles. Over the past 20 years he has travelled the world advising corporations and educating individuals at both beginner and leadership levels.